Seeburg 컬렉션 원래 쥬크 박스 설명서 사진 스피커 판매 예약


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1천9백30에서 40 사이의 Seeburg 원래 Photographes, 눈물 스피커, 원래 세일즈맨 뮤직 시스템 사진 앨범, Saleman 판매 영수증 도서, 오리지널 컬러 포스터. AH 밀러, Seeburg 공사 지역 영업 관리자 판매 자료.

This is a Terrific find of Original Jukebox Memorabilia. You will not find another. Albums has 12 original photos valued over $50 each and other memorabilia. Estate find of A.H. Miller, Seeburg Corporation District Manager includes Vintage 1930-40s Seeburg Teardrop Speaker of Bakelite material. Original Bright Full Color Poster Double Sided 18” x 24” some bug blemishes however, remains in great condition. Original Seeburg Sales booklet with 100’s of descriptive sale receipts from the Southeastern United States. Includes the name of hundreds of businesses, dates, address, model number of Seeburg purchases incuding wallomatics, jukeboxes, and speakers. A great piece of original Americana. Next is some popular cafes and diners in your area. Check these out and see if you remember these mom and pop businesses. Included original Seeburg Music System Photo Album of 8 “ x 10” b/w original photos of some Art Deco Diners, Cafés, Grills and Bar. For example, Neils Café Dayton, Ohio; Downtown Bowl San Francisco, California; Fred’s Cafe Idaho Falls, Idaho; R-C Recreation Reynolds Corner, Ohio; Esquire Café Philadelphia, Pa; Peachtree Restaurant Atlanta, Ga; Topsy’s Chicken Coop Waltham, Mass; Grass Shack Indianapolis, Indiana; Italian Village Dallas, Texas; Open Door Café Cincinnati, Ohio; and more. The photos are in mint original condition with very good clear detail to the image. 100% ORIGINAL. NOT REPRINTS that sell on eBay. PHOTOS ARE IN MINT CONDITION WITH CLEAR DETAIL. $850